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Yoga for the Wounded Heart:

a Journey, Philosophy and Practice of Healing Emotional Pain

Orphaned in her early teens and shuttled between abusive foster homes, Tatiana Forero Puerta found herself in her early twenties in New York City, haunted by memories of her tumultuous youth and suicidal feelings. Following emergency hospitalization, she was advised by her doctor to take up yoga. Over days, weeks, months, and then years, she embraced yoga’s honesty and discipline—delving more deeply into its wisdom, literature, and, vitally, its practice. In so doing, yoga healed her scars, opened her soul to forgiveness, and allowed her to reconcile herself with a past that had threatened to snuff out her life. 

Yoga for the Wounded Heart is an unsparingly honest memoir of a childhood lost and of courage and resilience gained. It’s also an exploration of the fundamentals of yoga—as a technology that focuses our awareness; as a practical application of mindfulness and attention to what is really going on in our lives and bodies; and as a vehicle for the body to guide the mind and heart toward healing. 

Poetry Through the Existential Lens

Poetry Through the Existential Lens explores the relationship between existential philosophy and contemporary poetry, drawing on the ways both fields interact. The author proposes that existentialism can be used as a hermeneutic lens to study poetry through, and that such an approach has the power to reveal important ontological issues and create a space for self and Other mediation. Through this process, poetry encourages authenticity within the reader, who then becomes a co-creator of the poem.

Religion and Psychology Research Progress

The interrelationship of psychology and religion is the subject of this new and important book. The areas of health care, longevity, and terrorism and their links to psychology and religiousness form the central core of subjects approached here.

The Hip-Hop Education Guidebook V.1

How can we utilize the energy and creativity of Hip-Hop music and culture to make schools and classrooms more engaging? The H2Ed Guidebook provides answers. The H2Ed Guidebook addresses the tenets of a critical Hip-Hop pedagogy, framing the issues of concern and strength within Hip-Hop culture by providing in-depth analysis from parents, teachers and scholars. And most importantly, the H2Ed Guidebook offers an array of innovative, interdisciplinary standards-referenced lessons written by teachers for teachers.

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Book no.3
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