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Tatiana Forero Puerta

Author & Poet


Tatiana is originally from Bogotá, Colombia. She is the author of Yoga for the Wounded Heart (Lantern, 2018), and Cleaning the Ghost Room (Forthcoming, Able Muse Press). Her work has appeared in Flock, Able Muse, Literary Juice, Acentos Review, Juked, and elsewhere. Tatiana has been awarded Stanford University's Garfield Prize in ethics and is a 2017 recipient of the Pushcart Prize. She is also a 2019 Pushcart Prize nominee and a finalist in the Brutal Nation Prize for Writers of Color. A graduate of Stanford and New York universities, Tatiana lives and teaches in NY.



Spring 2020

Tapping circle
Donation based
Wednesdays, 6pm EST / 5 CST / 3 PST
Zoom room: 538-843-7608

In this free, weekly workshop will utilize the practice of tapping to calm the nervous system, move stagnant emotions, and find possibility, community, and grounding.

Creator circle
Donation based
Saturdays, 11am EST / 10 CST / 8 PST
Zoom room:  344-823-4866

This is the perfect time to step into your creative power and design the world you experience as you'd like it to be. We'll focus on the real materials of creation: directing our thoughts and feelings in the direction we want to go. It's all about the inner game, which enables external miracles to happen. Become a powerful creator, by learning these techniques in our circle. The connection you'll gain with others in the community will help you grow, too.

Somatic Movement & EFT
Donation based
Sundays, 4pm EST / 3 CST / 1 PST
Zoom room: 538-843-7608

This unprecedented time can bring up many challenging feelings. Come experience community, support, and wellbeing through somatic movement (influenced by QiGong practice) and EFT. During this hour, we will tap into ourselves, our current experience, and our communal power, as well as focus on practices to open the lungs, fortify kidneys and heart, and support immunity. Together we will practice bringing awareness to our current personal and communal mucky places, and shifting them into possibility, personal empowerment, and communal insight.

Resilience Training
Monday April 27th
8pm EST / 7 CST / 5 PST
(free to frontline workers)

Becoming resilient means being able to stay centered, and return to emotional peace, regardless of circumstances. While we are social distancing and simplifying our lives, we have a unique opportunity to look inside ourselves and recenter our inner world. Our emotional immune systems are just as important as our physical immune system. Take this time with us to strengthen your emotional immune system and learn to give yourself peace, even in these uncertain times.  

Resilience: Heal Yourself Course
Beginning May 13th

The Heal Yourself Course is a four-week training to resolve a painful issue in your life and learn to relate to your emotions with unshakable love and compassion. No matter what you have been through, no matter how many things you have tried or how broken or discouraged you might feel, you can heal. And we are here to help you. This course includes 1 private session with a Mindlight professional.

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